Public Health Service


Edss: Electronic Disease Surveillance Solution

The corner stones of EDS Sare Public Health Surveillance and Out break Management. The program also includes primary surveillance, investigation,out break management and reporting application.Communicable disease investigator sand epidemiologists track and investigate disease incidents,contacts,out breaks and group event swith the centralized data provided by this extremely flexible module.Various data elements can be defined and captured depending upon the disease or event under investigation. Disease data can be generated via electronic laboratory reports(ELR)using the Lab Aware module and transformed into new disease data incidents.Pre configured reports include Epi Curves and real-time graphs,as well as robust user-configurable reports available through the report generator.

Overview On EDSS Solution:

  • Founded in 1989.
  • 200+ customers.
  • One of the leading Public Health and Clinical Connectivity solution provider around the world.
  • In continuous operation across several State and County Health Departments in the United States, for more than seven years.
  • Compliant with reporting standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, USA.
  • Winner of the Achievement Award for Communicable Disease Tracking System in 2003, for its successful implementation throughout the County of Los Angeles, California.
  • Community-based disease incident tracking.
  • Real-time data interfacing between private care delivery organizations and the government public health servers.
  • First line of defense against a host of threats to welfare of communities.
  • Secure communications shuttle analyzing real-time data and alerting local, state and central health authorities by monitoring outbreaks and epidemics as they are breaking.

Ems: Emergency Medical Services

Platform ePCR + PreHospital health Information Exchange, An award winning software that aims to improve Care, Situational awareness, and Process efficiency by connecting emergency responders and care facilities in 30 seconds.The software was designed to address the EMS industry’s changing documentation, data and billing requirements.It is a unique data core that powers real-time patient data collection, movement & analysis.It is an end-to-end platform that connects all elements of the pre-hospitalcare ecosystem. An incident scene, Emergency response, Care facilities, Quality analysis.



  • Cloud and client ePCR and pre Hospital HIE.
  • Integrated online/offline tele medicine.
  • Integrated online/offline GPS navigation.
  • Online/Offline medical device data integration.
  • Interactive documents+forms in anylanguage.
  • Hospital routing
  • Integrated administration +analytics modules.

Immunization Surveillance Solution

The solution is a fully functional,easy-to-use system that can be configured and customized to support state wide,regional,and/or individual physician office immunization registry needs.The product line supports current CDC NCIRD and PHIN initiatives and is available through STC’s GSA schedule.



  • Incident scene.
  • Emergency response.
  • Care facilities.
  • Quality analysis.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fore casting that includes ACIP-recommended and accelerated schedules.
  • Reminder/Recall with labels,postcards,letters,emailing,and auto-dialer textfiles.
  • Probabilistic and deterministic de-duplication with automated and manual record merging.
  • Over 500 canned reports and an optional Data Mart for large reports and adhoc queries.
  • Advanced inventory distribution and management tools,including an interface with VTrckS and VACMAN.
  • Electronic data exchange capabilities including HL7v2.5.1 support for meaningful use and interoperability efforts.
  • Bar coding tools for rapid data entry o fpatients and vaccinations.
  • Numerous add-modules to fit any immunization data collection or reporting requirement.
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