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Personal Health Assessment – Confidential, share it with subject expert only if you want to

The first step in behavior change is to become educated about the need to change our behaviors. Spotcheck wellness App start off with a personal health assessment using goScreen. Getting user habits by answering very interactive Health related Questionnaire.  End user can update their latest lab reports. Results from these assessments create awareness for the aspects of end user wellbeing that need to be improved. Whether done on a computer or a mobile device, Spotcheck wellness mobile App can make it easy for individuals to report their personal health risks and understand the results from their screening. The education and awareness part of behavior change is the easiest part to do. Spotcheck Mobile App assess individual health data, make recommendations, and encourage people to improve. The challenge is to gather the data and provide the education in a simple, easy to understand format. Taking a personal health assessment on a mobile device is about as simple and easy as it can get.

Track activity and participation

Spotcheck wellness portals will automatically track program participation and individual health behaviors. When we see progress we are motivated to continue with healthy behaviors. By showing participation and activity, our wellness platform can help individuals see how their activity changes across time. They can help individuals accomplish their personal wellness goals, they can track data from wearable devices such as a Health Kit, Google Fit. Upcoming ones are Fit Bit, Jawbones, All of this gets aggregated into live reports that allow individuals and administrators to have a dashboard view of everything going on within their wellness strategy. This is perhaps one of the most useful aspects of our wellness portal.

Creating wellness awareness to the end user

For healthy behaviors. Spotcheck wellness portal uses video content, Health Articles and Health tips to help individuals understand the importance of adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Spotcheck wellness portals interprets and reports personal health information in a very details graphical representation as well as providing meaningful explanation to the Health related terms. Provides Exercise video routines as per end user scale of endurance and top three concerns of your health.

Easy engagement for end users

Spotcheck wellness portal provides participants health risks and participation in a wellness program by giving employees access to our web portal. Our wellness portal have a mobile app that allows every employee to participate in every aspect of their program. Well-designed and easy-to-use apps make it easy for employees to engage in our wellness program. This helps them stay motivated to have healthier lives.

Track and administer incentives and rewards

As employees complete different aspects of the wellness program they can earn points towards different activities. Our wellness portal automates the entire process of validating, tracking, and fulfilling wellness program incentives. Our wellness portal simplify the tracking and administration of wellness rewards and it makes extremely easy for employees to report and track their progress.

Deliver behavior change campaigns and challenges

The Spotcheck wellness challenges are carefully planned. Each campaign and challenge is designed to help employees make new lifestyle habits. Incentives and onsite support to help employees be healthy. This behavior change campaign helps employees to achieve their wellness goals.

Encourage social interaction

Your health behaviors are influenced by friends and family. Our wellness portal will communicate and invite your friends and family to participate with you. Social support is key to successful long-term behavior change. Without it is almost impossible to change our diets, stop smoking, or create a daily habit of exercise.

Create a healthy environment

Adopting healthy behaviors is actually fairly easy. The challenge is to maintain these healthy behaviors for the rest of your life. Worksites that can create health-promoting environments and a culture that supports healthy living will experience a variety of positive wellness outcomes. Spotcheck wellness solution help every single client to improve their worksite culture. Each quarter the wellness committee and worksite leadership pick one thing to change within their department. With a gradual small, consistent, culture changes, the entire organization begins to look and feel like a place where people want to work and stay healthy.


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