This is a premier sit-down health kiosk which is a two in one devise comprising of “Body composition Analyzer” and “Stress & Blood Circulation Analyzer”. It features a touch screen computer to guide the user to perform test and view results. The kiosk floor is a precision scale thereby eliminating the body contortions required for accurate measurement using a scale built into a seat. The “Body Composition Analyzer” performs the following test; weight, BMI, BMR, % body fat, further break down of body fat to-essential, reserve & excess, total lean mass, hydration level, BP & pulse rate. The “Stress & Blood Circulation Analyzer” measure the autonomic nervous system, stress status, cardiac dysfunction and health of the circulatory system.
On completion of the screening. The detailed reports can be printed or e-mailed. And if you are a registered user on our wellness App, you can view the report under Health Info.

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