The goScreen is a first of its kind. Like all things techy, this ergonomic, comfy seat is fitted with shortcuts that allow you to measure key health indicators without visiting the doctor. The interface is so simple you don’t need an expert to help you operate it. Because it is easy to prevent a heart attack than it is to live with one, the #goScreen helps you check such vital signs as your blood pressure level, body fat, etc. This makes it easy to determine if you are at risk of certain health conditions. The most important element of the Automated Assessment Chair is that you get your health record instantly. That is more than you can expect from a regular visit to your PG. And, in a process that lasts 8 minutes, up to 30 health parameters. While the summary of the parameters can be viewed on the screens, the detailed reports can be printed or e-mailed. And if you are a registered user on our wellness App, you can view the report under Health Info. We at Spot-Check have redefined doctor check-up. In addition, the technology means the whole process is nonintrusive. GoScreen runs a no-needles policy.

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